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​Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Complete Restorations and Custom Fabrication is our Passion

     ​Established in 2010, Crucial Customs and Restorations was started with their Clients in mind. Owner, Dallas Atwood, being an Automotive Enthusiast and Restoration Specialist, believes all Automobiles deserve the highest quality of workmanship and attention to detail as when they were being  dreamed up and designed by the Auto Makers themselves. All the while, improving systems, styles, and mechanicals to meet and surpass modern industry standards and safety.

     With theses standards in mind, the CCR team strives to provide the greatest service and quality to each and every automobile they build, restore and repair. While insuring the automobiles integrity, safety features, and stability are improved or maintained per the standards set forth by the founder.​

    Whether our staff is building your custom auto vision from the ground up, restoring your dream classic or antique automobile, or making repairs to your beloved car or truck; you can be assured that every aspect of service provided is provided by the best technicians in the industry. We insure all of our staff have a deep love for automobiles and  strive to improve their skills continuously.

     Every automobile, whether it be your daily ride, weekend cruiser, or strictly show quality car or truck, is built or repaired to the highest standards and quality of a show car upon completion. Our founder believes that every client should have the same effort and attention to detail be paid to their vehicle no matter their intended use of the vehicle. Even though this process does require a little more time, it does allow Crucial Customs and Restorations to Guarantee our work and our customers satisfaction.

Classic Car Assembly
     Crucial Customs and Restorations, and our staff, continue to work towards improving all of our systems and streamlining our processes to make every experience an enjoyable one for our clients. While providing the greatest quality and assurance that each automobile is restored, customized, or repaired properly and accurately throughout the entire project. It’s more than “just a car” to us, it’s our passion.

     We hold our staff to the highest standard on every auto restoration, customization or classic car or truck repair; nor do we sacrifice safety, quality or attention to detail to each vehicle. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with an amazing service and insure the longevity of their car or truck. It’s the only way we can guarantee our work and sense of pride for our clients.
Custom Painted 1951 Merc By Crucial Customs
Restomod 1931 Model A Truck Crucial Customs
Custom Painted 1972 C10
Custom Fabricated 1946 Chevy Truck
Custom Built Suspension (Oscar)
1972 Chevelle SS Restoration